Savory Pepper Blend


savory pepper blend
This versatile mix is wonderful on a wide range of foods. I like what it does for sauteed broccoli the most, but it’s great in scrambled eggs, meats and vegetables.

3 tsp (13g) whole black peppercorn
3 tsp (5.0g) whole coriander
1 tsp (1.0g) whole pink peppercorn
1 tsp (3.0g) whole white peppercorn
1 tsp (0.5g) cracked allspice (just small enough for mill)
1-1/8 tsp (1.0g) whole green peppercorn

1. Mix spices together and put in pepper mill.

Yield: 1/4 cup. Doubles well.
If possible, make this mix by weight, as that is most accurate. If you don’t have a digital scale, just use your trusty measuring spoons.

This mix need to go into a pepper mill as the at-the-moment grinding releases the best flavor. If your allspice is a lot bigger than your peppercorns, crack them down to size so they go through the mill.

I like to use Penzeys for buying my spices. The prices are reasonable, and the quality is much better than what I can get at my local grocery.


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