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A Case Study: SCD resolves UC


A doctor with UC uses the SCD to resolve her disease.

interesting read over at SCD Recipe blog: here’s your link.

Includes link to full text of study.

How to Read Medical Research

A great post on Crohnology’s Blog by Duncan Cross.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time digging through PubMed, but it’s never occurred to me to email an author.

Thanks Duncan!

Here’s your link.

The Woodward Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

WCCFI received an email from Gisele Woodward the other day alerting me to an organization I didn’t know existed.

The Woodward Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation mission is three-pronged. To support non-pharmaceutical research to find a cure, to educate about alternative ways to alleviate symptoms based on medical research to patients, caretakers and medical community, and to share personal experience that has brought our children’s disease to remission.

Give them a visit here.


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