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UMass study supports IBD-AID diet for treatment of IBD

I’m late to the party with this, but I just found it on the SCD group on facebook via Ryan Jordan.

Pilot Testing a Novel Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Study Objective: To assess the efficacy and feasibility of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet (IBD-AID) intervention for the treatment of IBD.

Conclusion: This case series indicates the potential for the IBD-AID to be used as an adjunctive or alternative therapy for the treatment of IBD.

The study is small and not double-blind so I don’t suppose your average GI may give it much creedence,  but the study also concluded that “Notably, 9 out of 11 patients were able to be managed without anti-TNF therapy, and 100% of the patients had their symptoms reduced.”

Woo hoo, go food!

Link to report. See the download button on that page for more detailed info.

IBD Standards of Care

The concept of “Standard of Care” is a bit subjective. See this wikipedia entry for more, but the basic idea is that the standard of care is what any competent physician would do for that particular patient in that particular situation. This can vary somewhat with local practices. The American College of Gastroenterolgy provides clinical guidelines that GI’s can use along with their clinical experience and professional judgment to determine the course of treatment for your IBD. The ACG publishes these guidelines as a list on their website. You can find the list of guidelines here. Scroll down for the Crohn’s and colitis entries.

Of course other nations have their own professional associations:

Here is a guideline published by GUT, an International Journal of Gastroenterolgy and Hepatology in 2004.

Perhaps these published guidelines will be helpful when you are trying to understand the advice of your physician.

Research: Probiotic to treat inflammatory disease?

Research from the University of Bristol:

Scientists have been unclear for some time about how most probiotics work. A new study has found a scientific ‘design’ for a probiotic that could be used to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease.

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