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Book Review: Surviving to Thriving

I’ve seen a pattern in myself and others who have discovered the SCD and found a new health. First there’s joy at finding an effective treatment for our IBD without the side effects and risks of medications. Secondly there is anger. Why didn’t one of our doctors tell us about this? Thirdly is a sort of SCD evangelism, a desire to spread the word, to help others alleviate their suffering and enjoy the new health we have found. For me, that desire resulted in this blog. Continue reading ‘Book Review: Surviving to Thriving’

mini review: Good Germs, Bad Germs

Good Germs, Bad GermsAt turns fascinating, frightening and hopeful, Good Germs, Bad Germs – Health and Survival in a Bacterial World by Jessica Snyder Sachs is an enlightening read.

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Review: Jim’s Fluffy Pancakes

Visit the breakfast section of and give these a try. They are an excellent substitute for the pancakes you used to eat before the SCD. This is one of those recipes that makes you feel like you aren’t missing a thing.

Continue reading ‘Review: Jim’s Fluffy Pancakes’

minireview: Spectrum Naturals oils

I’ve been using Spectrum Naturals walnut and peanut oils lately and I am almost, quite nearly, smitten. Perhaps it is overkill to say that this is a review as I don’t have anything bad to say, but I wanted to let you know about my latest treasures.

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Review: Henckels Micado 8″ chef’s knife

On this diet you become a chef whether you intend to or not and all that food prep includes a lot of work at the cutting board. Recently I acquired a Henckels Mikado 8 inch chef’s knife. It looks more or less like any other 8 inch chef’s knife, but with Japanese styling and a D handle without a protrusion near the butt. Continue reading ‘Review: Henckels Micado 8″ chef’s knife’

Cookbook Review: Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Raman Prasad has hit a delicious sweet spot. He manages to combine simple to prepare dishes with cuisines as diverse as Italian and Indian. With plenty of mouth watering pictures and recipes no longer than a page, this cookbook should expand just about anyone’s palate. You just may forget you’re on a “diet.”

Well done Raman!

Check out his site here.

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