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A nationwide, largest ever, SCD study just started. The PRODUCE is a multi-center study done simultaneously at 12 leading hospitals around the US. It aims to determine the effectiveness of a specific carbohydrate diet in reducing symptoms and inflammatory burden in patients with IBD and compare this to a liberalized form of the SCD.

The guidance for practicing SCD on the study will be provided by Dr. Suskind’s site Nimbal.

Participants will have the option to join SCD Families, the SCD pediatric support group managed by Tali Guday. Details about the group can be found here.

Here’s your link.

Sous Vide for making Yoghurt

So I got a comment from Taylor asking if sous vide would be an okay way to make SCD yoghurt.

OMG people, this just about blew my mind. Yes, yes, and yes. I bet it would be great.

For the uninitiated, sous vide is a way of cooking that has gone from the professional kitchen to affordable. It is a water bath, low temperature, accurate way of cooking that looks to be perfectly suited for making SCD yoghurt.  I first became aware of this kind of cooking when a company called Anova started selling one for home chefs for about $200. Since then, other companies have joined the fray. Some options include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and some are well below $200 now.

For SCD yoghurt, I think all you’d have to do once you’ve set your temperature is to monitor the yoghurt to see how long it takes to come up to 110 degrees F. Once you know that, you could adjust your total time accordingly.

The bonus with this machine is that it is not limited to yoghurt, you can make all sorts of things with it. Do a little Googling and YouTubing and you’ll see. But you might not want to do it when you’re hungry, fair warning.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a sous vide at this time, so personally this is speculative. If you have first hand experience with this method of making SCD yoghurt, I’d love for you to share you thoughts.

SCD safe soda

I just received an email from Gay Bauer, founder of about a new product on the market that may interest you: SCD safe sodas from a company called Green Bee.

I haven’t tried it myself, but what a pleasure to be able to just buy this kind of a treat once and a while.

As always, check the ingredients list before you buy. For instance, “Love Potion” would not be SCD legal due to the Cocoa Nibs.

Here’s your link.

Thanks Gay!


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