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Monitor your calprotectin at home


The Bühlmann company has recently announced IBDoc, a home test for monitoring your calprotectin level.

It requires their test kit and an app for your smart phone. There is also an online component for sharing info with your doc, though I’m not sure if that is a requirement. I also couldn’t find a price, so for now am assuming that you’d need a prescription to get the test kits.

Here’s your link.

Novel mechanism for Crohn’s disease uncovered

Researches at the Technische Universität München have shown in a mouse model that bacterial imbalance in the gut can lead to a Chrohn’s-like inflammation. Previously, it was not know wether an unbalanced gut microbiota was the cause or result of inflammation. Their research shows that it is the cause. Here’s your link.

Why haven’t we cured IBD?

Article from ScienceLife at the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences:

Why haven’t we cured inflammatory bowel disease?


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