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Treating Crohn’s with stem cells

idibapsAgain I’m late to the party, but here’s an article about the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona using autologous stem cell transplant for serious Crohn’s disease.

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LDN for Crohn’s

plain_rxI think I’m late to this party, but just in case you hadn’t been invited yet either:

There are some ongoing studies to examine the effectiveness of low dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a therapy for Crohn’s. The preliminary results show promise and Penn State has a couple of phase II studies in progress. Continue reading…

Detailed vanilla extract tutorial

Visit for a detailed tutorial on making your own vanilla extract.

My wife’s perspective

My wife has penned her perspective on my Crohn’s and how the SCD has impacted our little family. Perhaps your spouse can relate.

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An SCD sympathetic Dr. perhaps?

I ran across a news article with the intriguing title “Managing Crohn’s Disease through a special diet“. It talks about a study out of Rush University in Chicago looking at the effects of diet and prebiotics. There’s a video too. The study sounds interesting, but what might be more interesting is the doctor.

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Got D?


At a recent checkup with my family doctor I had my vitamin D level checked and I was a bit shocked with the result. I have read in the popular press that some doctors have been expounding the values of vitamin D so I decided to investigate. You might want to get yours checked as well.

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A big list o’ help

Check out this list on the Nursing Assistant Central website. It’s Crohn’s centric,  but also includes some ulcerative colitis info. It’s not limited to the SCD, but is rather extensive and includes substantial SCD linkage.


Coping With Crohn’s Disease: 100 Helpful Resources and Communities

Thanks Nursing Assistant Central!

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