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Colonoscopy conundrum

ileum xrayJanuary 1, 2009 marks four full years on the SCD. March of 2009 marks eighteen months since the last time I felt a Crohn’s symptom. I considered myself to be in remission because I am on no medications, had no symptoms and my SED rate was a fantastic two.

Knowing how good I felt, I was very curious to see how good I looked inside so I recently had a colonoscopy. And now I find myself faced with a conundrum. The colonoscopy showed superficial ulceration and the biopsy came back as active Crohn’s. Furthermore, my doctor was surprised that I don’t have any obstructive symptoms given that four inches of my ileum is constricted by about half. He felt that  given that I eat a lot of roughage I would be feeling pain, bloating and gas which I am not. This constriction existed before I began the SCD, so I wasn’t surprised that it was still there.

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Treating Crohn’s with stem cells

idibapsAgain I’m late to the party, but here’s an article about the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona using autologous stem cell transplant for serious Crohn’s disease.

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LDN for Crohn’s

plain_rxI think I’m late to this party, but just in case you hadn’t been invited yet either:

There are some ongoing studies to examine the effectiveness of low dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a therapy for Crohn’s. The preliminary results show promise and Penn State has a couple of phase II studies in progress. Continue reading…


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