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Phase II update

A few have inquired as to how I’m doing in “Phase II” since I talked about my experience roughly a year ago. Long story short, I’m pretty much back on the SCD. Allow me to clarify. Remember what the BTVC book says about “fanatical adherence”? In that sense, I am no longer doing the SCD as I allow myself to digress about ten percent of the time.

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Accutane tied to IBD

dollarsignA New Jersey jury recently awarded three plaintiffs a total of $12.9 million dollars over allegations that the acne drug Accutane caused them to contract IBD. Roche, the maker of the drug originally advised doctors of a possible association between Accutane and IBD in 1984. During the course of the trail it was uncovered that subsequent data demonstrating that Accutane was actually inducing IBD was known by Roche, but they did not communicate this elevated risk to patients or doctors.

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