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Eczema flare from tea?

thumbprintThis post is a little off topic, but I imagine that there are more than one of you out there who also suffer from eczema. I had it very bad on my hands when my sister said to me, “it looks like you’ve been drinking tea.” It turns out that my other sister’s hands looked the same way and when she quit drinking tea, they healed.

I immediately stopped drinking tea (including peppermint) and my hands healed too. It is yet another example of the power of food.

[ U P D A T E – March 7th, 2009 ]

It’s been 3 months since I’ve had any tea at all and I have had that same problem with eczema on my hands. So for me anyways, it turns out that tea is not the trigger. Now I’m leaning towards stress as a key factor.

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