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Funky Monkey

I just returned from Target with my latest find: Funky Monkey Fruit that Crunches!.  I had the pink pineapple flavor and it was so good I nearly inhaled it. It is a freeze dried fruit snack and the ingredients listed are freeze-dried pineapple and guava.  The biggest danger of this particular treat seems to be the possibility of over indulgence. The packaging says that the one ounce single serving bag is equivalent to 3/4 cup of fruit according to the USDA. I checked the BTVC-SCD Group on Yahoo and the consensus among the moderators is that it appears to be legal. Digestive Wellness even sells it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve tried the bananamon flavor and it is clear to me that the bananas used are not SCD legal. They have a slight sourness that tells me that they are closer to green than to spotted. I suspect that it is much easier to process a firmer, greener banana than a riper, softer one. Avoid the varieties that include banana if you wish to be legal.

The standard set by Elaine Gottschall for determining the legality of a commercial product was to obtain a signed, physical letter from a person of authority at the respective company on their letterhead stating that their product doesn’t contain any of the ingredients we SCDers avoid. I don’t have this letter and I’m not aware of anyone that does. Therefore, like with any commercial product, Funky Monkey should be used with caution and I encourage you to use your food diary to track any effects it may have on you.

Summer Tea

This tastes so great and refreshing that I’m disappointed I didn’t realize it sooner. These two ingredients have been in my fridge virtually continuously for years and I just recently thought to combine them. The only catch is that I could drink a gallon a day and that would not be a good idea.

It’s a complicated recipe, but with some practice you should be able to make it like a pro.

Welch’s 100% pure grape juice, your choice. I think white works best.
Brewed ice tea.

1. Combine juice and tea in equal parts.
2. Serve over ice.

It’s a match that’s meant to be. Tea is allowed if it’s weak and Welch’s 100% pure grape juice is allowed if diluted one to one with water. The two dilute each other and result in a sum that’s greater than its parts. Go on. Give it a try. Even your non-SCD friends will like this one.

Home-cured corned beef

Wanting corned beef for St. Pat’s day? If you hurry, you can get one ready in time. Check out this recipe at Nourished Kitchen. Jenny from NK is not an SCDer, but espouses many food principles that SCDers will appreciate.

Note that store-bought pickling spice is a spice mixture and considered illegal on the SCD. However a quick search will yield plenty of recipes for that as well.

Also if you make your yoghurt from half and half, I’d guess that you might not be able to obtain 2 cups of whey from it. I bet you’d have better luck using a lower fat yoghurt

UPDATE: Turns out, my friend Damion from My Cranky Gut already SCD-ified a corned beef recipe. You can find it here.


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