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Spearmint Experiment

I was an occasional gum chewer before SCD, but after many years without any, I kinda wanted some. Since any gums are illegal on the SCD I decided to try fruit as a vehicle for that minty payload. I mashed some SCD ripe bananas, added some dried spearmint that I had powdered in a coffee grinder then dried the concoction in a dehydrator.

The resulting fruit leather resembles jerky more than gum, but the flavor is sure there. It’s not as sweet as the gum I remember, but I consider it a successful experiment.

I didn’t measure when I was making it, but I think the ratio of banana to mint was 7-10 bananas to 2-3 Tbs spearmint. Note that peppermint will taste completely different.


The mint takes this summertime cooler to an even cooler place.

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