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Paul Collins

A very refreshing summertime drink. I highly recommend giving it an try. This cocktail is an adaptation of a John Collins which is a variation of the Tom Collins.

1 shot of bourbon
Four ounces (half cup) of lemonade concentrate
Seltzer or sparkling water

1. Make lemonade concentrate by combining equal parts lemon juice and honey.
2. In a tall glass mix lemonade concentrate with bourbon.
3. Fill glass to 3/4 full with seltzer water.
4. Add ice.
5. Imbibe.

Goes down easy.

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

A bite into this sweet bread brings me back to my mother’s kitchen. It’s sweet, it’s tart and it’s really wonderful. The texture is very similar to the treat I remember as a kid.

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SCD legal organic pear juice

I was digging around today and ran across this little item in the news section. There is a new SCD legal pear juice.

I don’t know how long it’s been there, but apparently the Pecanbread people have checked it out and given it their stamp of approval.

Check out the backstory.

There is even a page where you can tell them what you wish they would make.

Go Betty, go!

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