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A sweetener by any other name

As I’ve been eating SCD I’ve become an avid label reader. I’ve been surprised at times by the number of names and forms that sweeteners take. I won’t make any claims that this is a complete list, but it should at least give you an idea of the large spectrum of sweeteners. As this list consists almost entirely of sweeteners not allowed on the SCD, I’ve elected not to include honey to avoid unnecessary confusion.

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Phase II

I have read somewhere that  for someone with Crohn’s on the SCD it will probably take 3-4 years to recover. The rule of thumb was to wait for one year past the last symptom before trying any illegals. I’ve been SCD for four plus years and it has been about a year and a half since my last symptom. Now comes phase two of the great experiment. Click through to see what I mean.

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Colonoscopy conundrum

ileum xrayJanuary 1, 2009 marks four full years on the SCD. March of 2009 marks eighteen months since the last time I felt a Crohn’s symptom. I considered myself to be in remission because I am on no medications, had no symptoms and my SED rate was a fantastic two.

Knowing how good I felt, I was very curious to see how good I looked inside so I recently had a colonoscopy. And now I find myself faced with a conundrum. The colonoscopy showed superficial ulceration and the biopsy came back as active Crohn’s. Furthermore, my doctor was surprised that I don’t have any obstructive symptoms given that four inches of my ileum is constricted by about half. He felt that  given that I eat a lot of roughage I would be feeling pain, bloating and gas which I am not. This constriction existed before I began the SCD, so I wasn’t surprised that it was still there.

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Detailed vanilla extract tutorial

Visit for a detailed tutorial on making your own vanilla extract.

My wife’s perspective

My wife has penned her perspective on my Crohn’s and how the SCD has impacted our little family. Perhaps your spouse can relate.

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An SCD sympathetic Dr. perhaps?

I ran across a news article with the intriguing title “Managing Crohn’s Disease through a special diet“. It talks about a study out of Rush University in Chicago looking at the effects of diet and prebiotics. There’s a video too. The study sounds interesting, but what might be more interesting is the doctor.

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Got D?


At a recent checkup with my family doctor I had my vitamin D level checked and I was a bit shocked with the result. I have read in the popular press that some doctors have been expounding the values of vitamin D so I decided to investigate. You might want to get yours checked as well.

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