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Keeping yoghurt thick

thick yoghurt

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Part of the secret of thick yoghurt lies in your scooping technique. The keep your yoghurt thick, you want to let the liquid that naturally separates segregate to one low-laying spot. Click the image above. If you remove yoghurt such that each time you leave behind a smooth slope to the side of the container, you’ll achieve maximum thickness. Just pour off the liquid before you scoop.

The yoghurt forms a continuum from wetter, thinner yoghurt at the bottom of the container to dryer, thicker yoghurt at the top.

Now where’s my honey?

U P D A T E: The thickest, mildest yoghurt I’ve ever made was with light cream and Yogourmet freeze-dried starter.

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Creamy Tomato Soup

creamy tomato soup
Comfort food, tomato style.

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rich yoghurt

Yoghurt is a fussy little beast. Too cold and it doesn’t process well. Too hot or too long and the cultures you’re trying to encourage die off and you miss their essential role in your recovery.  Review this post regarding temperature control before you begin. Consider this page on the BTVC website required reading.

I find this to be the most versatile version of yoghurt. It produces a thicker yoghurt than whole milk or reduced fat milk. It can easily be used in place of sour cream. It’s great for making smoothies and using in baking and cooking.

Cooking yoghurt, as in chicken khorma, will kill the bacteria so don’t consider cooked yoghurt as a probiotic.

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